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Plan with purpose, peace, and passion.


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2017-02-11 20.54.57 (Small)PURPOSE: Note individual student lessons or what you teach as a one-room schoolhouse. Feel confident that you’ve checked important things off your list.

PEACE: When days seems hectic and chaotic, flip through your planner and reflect on what you have accomplished. When someone asks you what you did all week, just open your planner and see it all right there.

PASSION: You homeschool because you chose this path, so don’t let the weeks become unaccounted for and fade into the past. Remember your joys. Reevaluate your weak spots. And rejoice in your accomplishments.2016-11-27 16.54.35

  • Plan ahead or simply journal after the day is done.
  • Keep a record of the places you’ve been and the books you’ve read.
  • Take your planner to your end-of-year portfolio review.

Your homeschool is unique; your planner should be, too.

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Can’t I make this planner myself?

Sure!  There are several other options out there.  Our planner puts personal details about your homeschool into your planner.  This helps speed up your planning and can spur you on when you’re dragging (we’ve all been there).  I wanted to teach nature study!  It’s right here in my planner.  Okay, let’s do that.  Eight subjects you select are printed into each week’s planning pages so you don’t have to write them in each week.

There are some great sites out there to help you create your own planner.  I created my own the first couple of years and spent countless hours over several weeks getting everything formatted in Excel and Word before it was ready to take to the local, chain office supply store.  Then I spent an hour of my time having each of my files printed and bound to get it just right.  Paper, ink, binding all costs money, and more importantly takes time.  We’ve reduced that to a few minutes of your time filling out a form on our site.  We create the custom files specifically for your family and send them to a local printer we have partnered with to cut down on print costs.  Your planner will be ready to ship within just about a week or two.

Planning takes time, but it shouldn’t take all your time.